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Gorham Lamp provides cool, fully adjustable light for magnification and photography

2013-07 Gorham Lamp moth

Gorham Lamp with specimen

2013-07 Gorham Lamp This multipurpose laboratory and microscope light leaves all of the other ring lights in the dark.  It is designed to provide adjustable annular and semi annular illumination for bright-field, dark-field, transmitted, and other oblique lighting applications.

The unique combination of lighting options obtainable with this device are useful for observation of small objects where fine control of light direction, intensity, and distribution directly impacts observable surface features and object translucence.

Beta testing will be underway soon.  If you are an etymologist, archeologist, curator, photographer or anyone else who needs fully adjustable lighting, contact us to be on the test or early adapter list.

Contact: Joe Staples at

US Patent 14/335,730 pending




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