About This Site

This site serves as a portal for anyone interested in the availability, progress and impact of technology commercialization at UMaine. It provides a snapshot of the best current information we have for the posted project, with the goal of continually improving  the translation of inventions or ideas into obvious, less risky opportunities for the business community.

Commercializing university technology can be complex, and complex problems are best solved by the efforts of a diverse team.  We invite inventors, the business community, students, writers – anyone who can help move technology along the commercialization path – to help us learn.

Kris A. Burton

Director, Technology Commercialization

University of Maine



What you will find on this site:

You will find posts and technologies in varying degrees of maturity along the path from idea to success story.  We are continually adding new technologies and improving existing posts.  At minimum, a post will provide a patent abstract with a link to a published patent.  If you find something of interest to your business that is in this early state of preparation, please contact me and we will work on better defining the opportunity.

Here is the content we are working to present for each technology:

TITLE: Explain the technology and benefit in one sentence.


PROBLEM: What is / who has the existing problem .

SOLUTION:  How the technology solves the problem.

DETAILS: How does it work? Other evidence that it will deliver a solution, as numeric as possible. Include a NATIONAL INNOVATION MARKETPLACE report for each end user.

DEVELOPMENT PLAN: as this changes, use the learning to strengthen and revise the details.

-   Status to date, degree of certainty.

-  Assumptions regarding business model, plans to test assumptions, appropriateness for a stand-alone product or startup opportunity.

-  Plan to address death threats, including deliverable date, costs and plan to obtain funds as appropriate.

-  Include link for crowdfunding contribution if available.

-  License terms, if appropriate

TECH REFERENCE NUMBER & PATENTS: Links to published patents, patent landscape map

TEAM: inventors and others

LINKS: to scientific papers, news articles, etc.

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