Detect Breast Abnormalities up to 5 Years Earlier

Cancer Diagnostic

Tissue Microenvironment Analysis

This computer-aided diagnostic tool is designed to not only provide early detection of breast tumors, but also to predict the likelihood of a malignancy to develop before the tumor appears.  This could allow detection of an actual or possible malignancy 1-5 years earlier than by using current methods.

By analyzing extensive imaging data, researchers discovered that breast tissue fluctuations in regions surrounding tumors are organized differently depending on whether the tumor is benign v. malignant.  Tissue surrounding benign tumors is similar to normal breast tissue, while the tissue in the microenvironment of malignant tumors is disrupted in way that this diagnostic tool characterizes quantitatively.  The degree of disruption may be used to  diagnose and predict malignancy in breast and potentially other tissues.

See the patent application

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